FOLIO is a portfolio webcommunity for those who study and work in the creative fields.

theFOLIO is an initiative I have started with 3 other former students from the Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design; Sine Jensen, Lau Futtrup Rasmussen and Rasmus Broendsted.

FOLIO used to be Made in School, a portfolio site that originated from the following thoughts:

What if you were able to gather all creative students and freelancers in one spot?
What if you could find the next shooting star in the world of graphic design? Or architecture? Or ceramics?
Or in a creative subfield you didn’t even know existed?

FOLIO is the bridge between student and firm. As a student, you can show your talents. As a firm you can headhunt the person you need. This is the place to be if you seek interns/internships, new employee/jobs or simply inspiration within the creative fields.

Please peak by the link theFOLIO